Business Development / Procurement / Project Manager
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Business Development / Procurement / Project Manager

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Апрель 2017 —
июнь 2021
4 года 2 месяца
International mobile hydraulics production company.
National Accounts Manager.
Company’s direction of activity: development, production and sales of power hydraulic components and automation.
- manage key customers relations at all levels and support on daily basis with commercial and technical issues for mobile hydraulic applications: Road Building, Material Handling, Harvesters, Forestry, Construction Machines etc.;
- implementation and maintain the Value Selling sales concept through direct channels and distributors;
- organize and coordination the internal work within the multi-country and multicultural matrix organization;
- project management with the combination of existing products and new solutions creation;
- preparation, coordination and issuing of bilingual contracts, commercial and technical offers ;
- Sales Force CRM handling (visit reports, activities, growth opportunities implementation) and 1C;
- market analysis, forecast and planning of sales, stock and in-time procurement;
- initial study and development of new business areas, such as oil&gas, mining and offshore;
- domestic and international business trips;
- organization and participation in profile exhibitions and trainings.
Август 2014 —
апрель 2017
2 года 8 месяцев
Swiss pumps producer "Emile Egger & Cie SA".
Project Manager Pumps.
Company’s direction of activity: development, production and sales of pumping equipment.
- establish contacts with potential clients and liaise with current clients at different levels in order to further expand the activities and define the customer’s needs with centrifugal and vortex pumps for CPI, Fertilizers, Petrochemical, Energy, Mining, Municipal and related industries;
- deep study of customer’s processes to provide the most convenient solution on a highly competitive market;
- exchange and submission of technical information and technologies to project/design bureaus and engineering companies for participation in actual and perspective projects;
- project management starting from questionnaire to commissioning;
- regular short-term business trips;
- preparation and coordination of English-Russian commercial and technical offers and contracts;
- marketing and competitors activity research;
- product portfolio presentations and trainings at customer’s sites, conferences and exhibitions.
Июль 2013 —
апрель 2014
9 месяцев
German production company "Flottweg SE".
Project Manager (with Business Development and KAM functions).
Company’s direction of activity: production of centrifuges and separators (decanters, tricanters) for mechanical separation processes in industrial applications.
- searching for the new and work with existing projects within Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, CPI, Mining and related sectors;
- develop relationships with customers, conduct meetings, negotiations and presentations;
- regular reporting and filling CRM system;
- technical support and consulting of clients, project/design bureaus and engineering companies regarding Flottweg capabilities, equipment and technologies for participation in ongoing projects;
- sampling and testing, recommendation and selection an appropriate set of equipment;
- translation and preparation of commercial and technical offers and contracts, marketing materials;
- organization and carrying out of commissioning and turn-key, business trips;
- participation in profile exhibitions and trainings.
Февраль 2009 —
июль 2013
4 года 5 месяцев
Global engineering and production group "Trelleborg Sealing Solutions".
Sales Engineer (with Project Management and Business Development function).
Company’s direction of activity: production and sales of OEM accessories and spares - industrial sealing components and solutions (Hydraulic Seals, Scrapers, Rod Seals, Wear rings, O-Rings).
- work with new and existing customers within Oil&Gas, CPI, Mining, Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Machinery, Metallurgy and other industries;
- direct sales and technical support of clients concerning company’s capabilities, materials and technology; carrying out of meetings and presentations at all levels;
- translation, editing and localization of contracts and specifications, bids documentation, technical manuals, catalogs, global web-site, marketing materials and magazine articles in accordance with the internal regulations and company policies;
- selection of products based on technical parameters according to specifications, drawings, article numbers and other types of queries;
- administrative work, internal procurement, foreign economic activity, logistics, acceptance and dispatch of goods; 1C accounting program, corporate CRM-system administration and couching;
- participation in exhibitions, trainings and seminars; study of new products and sealing technologies.
Июнь 2007 —
декабрь 2008
1 год 6 месяцев
Joint-Stock Company "Uponor Rus" (Uponor, Finland).
Key Account Manager.
Company’s direction of activity: production and sales of plastic piping systems for internal and external water treatment and supply systems, heating and sewage systems.
- visits of key clients regional offices (more than 30 cities), business trips up to 90%;
- organization of new collection points (Uponor brand local stock presence);
- coordination of regional representatives work with key client, joint on-site and end-customers visits;
- preparation and carrying out of seminars/presentations for design and installation companies;
- training and coaching of key customer's sales stuff;
- organization of mutual marketing actions with the purpose to achieve annual sales budget;
- thermal and hydraulic calculations of heating, water supply and sanitation systems;
- strategic planning of sales development through key client channel;
- work with CRM (1C) database, preparation of weekly/monthly reports, analysis and forecasts.
Апрель 2004 —
июнь 2007
3 года 2 месяца
Representative office of "Sumitomo Corporation" (Japan).
Chief specialist of tubular department.
Company’s direction of activity: international trading, import/export activity (B2B, B2C).
- search for the sales opportunities and attraction of clients and new projects for affiliated Japanese companies in Russia and abroad;
- work with the existing long-term projects: wide assortment of pipes, rolled metal, equipment and materials for Oil&Gas, Heavy Machinery and Power-Generating sectors;
- organization and carrying out of meetings and negotiations with participation of foreign colleagues;
- preparation, translation and coordination of contract and bid documentation;
- translation of technical and commercial specifications, technical conditions, drawings and manuals;
- foreign economic activity, development of contract schemes and supply chains for import and export;
- equipment installation and supervision, turn-key projects;
- holding industry certification of materials and equipment;
- business trips.
Сентябрь 2000 —
апрель 2003
2 года 7 месяцев
Joint Stock Company "NEGAS".
Leading specialist of metal products department.
Company’s direction of activity: isolation of pipes and connections by various kinds of coverings.
- sales of isolation services and complete isolated pipes for exploration, transportation, distribution and production Oil&Gas majors, Energy and Municipal companies;
- development of complex offers, taking into consideration of production schedule and interaction with legal, financial, transport and other divisions inside firm and its branches;
- preparation of contracts, specifications and bid offers;
- billing, control of payments, manufacture process control;
- the pipes, connections and pipeline fittings producers monitoring;
- row materials purchasing, optimization of transportation charges.

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Professional skills:
• Managerial experience within project teams.
• Practical skills in Sales, Business Development, Key Account Management, Project Management, Research and Development, Product Management, Foreign Economic Activity.
• Sales Strategy Development, Forecasts, Analysis.
• Time-management.
• Extended organizational field experience with maintenance, service, repairing and adjustment of equipment.
• Experienced to coordinate, adjust, structure and administrate planning and reporting within CRM, ERP, CMS systems (1C, Sales Force, SAP).
• Perfect computer skills (Windows, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Professional, CAD-applications etc.).
• English language - fluent (general, technical), business correspondence.
• Driving licenсe, private car.

Personal and professional qualities:
• Self-driven, result oriented, sociable, purposeful, obligatory, sincere, punctual and active, take initiative and responsibility, not afraid of difficulties.
• Possess analytical abilities, system approach, extended technical literacy, spacious mind, high ability and aspiration to training and self-education.

Образование высшее

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow
Designing, construction and operation of pipeline transport systems., Engineer.

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Русский — родной
Иностранные языки
АнглийскийA1 — Начальный

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Разрешение на работу: Россия
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