Project manager
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Project manager

110 000 руб.
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Опыт работы

Апрель 2019 —
май 2021
2 года 1 месяц
Industrial Function Leader
* Coordinate engineer activities (meetings with suppliers and internal counterparts, deliverables, delegations, project risk management, action plans) and represent engineer group at different levels
* Manage the allocated engineering outlay directly linked to the performed activities and to the decisions taken in the engineer group framework
* Consider the results and forecasts in the way to respect the schedule
* Ensure the achievement of milestone requirements: accomplishment of the objectives and providing the expected deliverables
* Monitor the selection of the geometric reference systems and product/process interfaces
* Ensure the framing of facility specifications
* Assist in the process approvals (technical, economic and ergonomics), design reviews
* Organize the reception of facilities from the supplier and certify the delivery of facilities in the plant. Coordinate the installation of facilities in compliance with the safety regulations and working conditions
* Ensure the rate and the updates of the production time (Design Standard Time) throughout the project to enable the plant to size its staff
* Assist in capitalization and providing the feedback to the upstream & metier
Май 2018 —
апрель 2019
11 месяцев
Project process engineer
* Management the process of assembly for new project, product/process convergence, design, manufacturing and startup of the concerned facilities and tooling.
Январь 2015 —
апрель 2018
3 года 3 месяца
Technical documentation engineer
* Administration of engineering programs;
* Modification and support for production processes in engineering systems;
* Management projects related engineering systems;
* Proceeding and preparation trainings.
Январь 2013 —
январь 2015
2 года
Project coordinator
* Business correspondence with Russian and foreign partners including the economic, legal, customs, technical aspects and settlement of disputes;
* Contract preparation and control over the implementation of their items at all stages;
* Preparation of presentations for leaders;
* Organization work meetings with Russian and foreign partners;
* Order, organization, tracking of supplies for various projects of the company;
* Preparation of documents for export and import deliveries including internal workflow.

Опыт вождения

Имеется собственный автомобиль
Права категории

Обо мне

Ability to work in conditions of deadlines and multitasking, leadership abilities, experience in the launch and management of the projects

Advanced knowledge of MS Office Package

Specific engineering tools: AutoCad, Enovia

Образование высшее

Московский государственный технический университет им. Н.Э. Баумана, Москва
Факультет энергомашиностроения, Экология и промышленная безопасность

Знание языков

Русский — родной
Иностранные языки
АнглийскийA1 — Начальный

Гражданство, время в пути до работы

Гражданство: Россия
Разрешение на работу: Россия
Желательное время в пути до работы: Не имеет значения
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