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Lead project engineer, Technical manager

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Апрель 2020 —
июнь 2021
1 год 2 месяца
Hetero group (Makiz Pharma)
Technical manager of Track and trace, automation and modernization of production.
- Expert in the field of Track and Trace systems (experience since 2018).
- Crisis management for the implementation of the Track and trace system. In three months, a complete technical modernization of L1-L2-L3-L4 was carried out.
- Large-scale integration of WIPOTEC-OCS equipment.
- Debugging of the automated system for interaction with MDLP.
- Interaction with L3 software developers (Traceway) optimization of business processes .
- Development of non-standard technical and technological solutions.
- Technical re-equipment and modernization of the equipment fleet.
Август 2018 —
март 2020
1 год 7 месяцев
Russian-Swiss, LTD Trekmark (SICPA, CRPT, RDIF)
Lead Manager-engineer of SICPA track and trace project
- creation of competence center within the framework of SICPA Track and Trace pharmaceutical products labeling project, consulting, revision, installation and integration of equipment.
- interaction with customers (negotiations, site survey, definition of technical specifications of projects, technical advice, assessment of customer requirements, coordination of order specifications, risk identification, coordination of terms of work interaction with customers, coordination of all project participants, carrying out FAT/SAT/IQ/OQ, training) within the project SICPA Track and Trace.
- installation and commissioning of equipment of the Swiss company SICPA within the framework of the project on labeling of pharmaceutical products of the project SICPA Track and Trace (Serialisation Station / Aggregation station).
- work on the modernization of SICPA Serialisation Station (installation of additional equipment for the implementation of 3-sided printing Datamatrix code)
- installation, commissioning and technical support of SICPA Aggregation Station using SITE MANAGER running Linux (SANTENS).
- organization, preparation and carrying out of pilot projects testing equipment on customer sites (Tatchempreparaty, R-Pharm, Stada, FirnM, Partner, etc)
- participation in specialized exhibitions.
- PRINTRONIX (printer with 2D code verification) - preparation of print templates and equipment startup.
- development of technical documentation (TK, design solutions, manuals, instructions, descriptions).
- interaction with partner companies for integration.
Январь 2018 —
август 2018
7 месяцев
OMRON Distributor
Lead engineer for automation systems
- development and implementation of projects for reading the labeling of consumer goods
- a leading specialist in the field of technical (machine) vision OMRON, МICROSCAN.
- vast knowledge of vision systems COGNEX, DATALOGIC, SICK, WENGLOR, BAUMER.
- analysis and technical implementation of automation projects.
- selection of equipment and components, technical advice, solution of non-standard technical issues and problems of operation, engineering.
- PLC programming.
- programming interfaces for HMI-panels.
Ноябрь 2013 —
декабрь 2017
4 года 1 месяц
Performance Feeders (Automated line UK) LTD DANMAX
Technical Director/ Project Manager
- selection of equipment and components according to customer requirements,
- technical consulting, solving technical issues and tasks, operation, engineering,
- holding FAT/SAT/IQ/OQ
- personnel training
- organization of the production process
- organization of operation, maintenance and repair of equipment
- selection of spare parts (similar to)
- the decision of questions of automation of production processes
- PLC programming
- maintenance and repair of fiber optic equipment, pneumatic and vibration drives, electromagnetic sensors (FESTO, CAMOZZI, SMC, OMRON, VIBTEC)
- selection, connection and maintenance of industrial compressor and ventilation equipment
Январь 2008 —
сентябрь 2013
5 лет 8 месяцев
LTD Steklomax
Technical Director (manufacturing electrochromic automotive glass (automatic tinting))
Selection of equipment and components, technical advice, solution of non-standard technical issues and problems of operation, maintenance and repair.

- the search for the necessary technological equipment (cutting machines, glass processing machines glass edging, washing equipment, furnaces for bending glass, screen printing, vacuum equipment, system the application of sealants)
- acceptance of equipment into operation
- organization of the production process
- organization of operation and repair of equipment
- selection of spare parts (similar to)
- start of pilot production
Сентябрь 2006 —
март 2008
1 год 6 месяцев
NOKIA Distributor
Regional development Director
- opening of Nokia brand stores in the regions
-organization of customer service and trading process
-bringing stores to the level of profitability
Апрель 2004 —
сентябрь 2006
2 года 5 месяцев
LTD "MSS-Start" (Mobile Centre)
Director of development of the dealer network
-organization of the service from scratch
-Formation of favorable, competitive and transparent dealer conditions
-development and implementation of new forms of cooperation with dealers
-active development of the dealer network
-development of a set of measures to improve the quality and quantity of dealer sales

For a year of work the effective dealer network is created. The tasks set by the company's management have been more than fulfilled. The level of sales through the dealer network exceeded 15,000 sales per month.The share of sales of the dealer network, at the moment, is 70% of the total sales of the company.According to the results of sales of the company came out with the 6 in 3rd place on the sales Operator "Beeline".
Июнь 2000 —
апрель 2004
3 года 10 месяцев
LTD "MSS-Start" (Mobile Centre)
Sales network development Director
-opening of new stores(sales and customer service centers Beeline)
-organization of customer service and trading process
-bringing stores to the level of profitability

34 shops are open. Streamlined all processes and step by step, after the output level of profitability transferred to the Directorate of direct sales.

Опыт вождения

Имеется собственный автомобиль
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Обо мне

- Academic rowing
- PC confident user
- OMRON and Beckhoff certificates.
- extensive experience in negotiating
- ability to make decisions independently in difficult situations
- responsibility
- purposeful
- decency
- punctuality

Образование высшее

Moscow state technological University
electrical-mechanical engineer,

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Русский — родной
Иностранные языки
АнглийскийA1 — Начальный

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Гражданство: Россия
Разрешение на работу: Россия
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