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Project manager

120 000 руб.
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Опыт работы

Апрель 2018 —
март 2020
1 год 11 месяцев
Project Coordinator
Modification mangement (QCDP convergence) in Serial Life/Derivative versions and new Project launch for the following part groups:
- Door locks and handles, keys and engine shields
- Buttons in the cocpit
- Gearbox shifter
- Engine cooling

- Risk/schedule/budjet management for the projects in question
- Organization of documnet flow with suppliers, according to NPQP standards
- Management of localization of parts, from conception of the part and tooling launch to final imtroduction in serail process;
- Analysis of modifcations, proposed by the Central Office for applicability, ;
- Technical anlysis of the possible defects in Serial Production and Client protection development, confirmation and introduction;
- Technical analysis of non-conformities on parts, noticed by new projects industrialization;
- Economical modification development and introduction;
- BOM management. Introduction and validation of BOM modifications;
- Mangement of development of parts, specific to new projects in Russia ;
- Mangement of industrialization of new models for the scope of parts;
Март 2016 —
апрель 2018
2 года 1 месяц
ООО "Inter-Lovel"
Head of Service Department
from 04.2017 to 06.2017 - work under an employment contract

- Installation, supervision, diagnostics and repair of industrial equipment, represented on the Russian market by OOO"Inter-Lovel" (Anthon, Wandres, EWS, Eurotech ...);
- Drawing up the layout of industrial premises for the placement of this equipment and diagrams for connecting this equipment;
- Engineering support of projects for the supply of industrial equipment;
- Translation of documentation and software;
- Management of the service department (4 employees);
- Supply of needed instruments and safety equipment;
- Conclusion of service agreements with factories;
- Planning of repair work;
- Creation of training materials for the employees of the department and their training;
- Conducting engineering projects for the modernization of production lines and industrial equipment (increasing productivity, adding new parts, complete modernization of the control system);
- Ensuring compliance with safety standards by employees;
- Budgeting of the department;
- Participation in exhibitions;
Апрель 2014 —
декабрь 2015
1 год 8 месяцев
Moscow Representative center Goldex Gmbh
Project manageger
-Negotiating of technical characteristics and options of high-tech metalworking and mining machines (HANDTMAN, ZIMMERMAN, STEINERT, VTD, PORTATEC)
- Negotiating and finalization for singment of the final delivery contract
-Control of equipment production in Germany, including delivery of additional modules from other manufacturers
- Training process management for customer's specialists
-Development of documentation for obtaining of necessary conditions for installation of equipment on customer's site
-Management of installation and commissioning processes of equipment at the customer's site
-Management of warranty and post-warranty repair processes of equipment, and selection of necessary spare parts, their delivery, customs clearance and repair crew management.
Июнь 2012 —
декабрь 2013
1 год 6 месяцев
ООО "Paul Hartmann"
Project coordinator
As part of the project to launch aplant for production of non-sterile medical products I performed the functions of the project manager from the side of subsidiary company of a large German holding.
The project was completed on time and within budget.
Estimated productivity was reached 4 months earlier than planned;
The functions for the management and coordination of the project I have performed were:
- Tasks planning for subsidiary and main company branches
- Budget control
- Conducting the necessary approvals with state supervisory authorities
- Recruitment (shift supervisors, operators, mechanics, electricians)
- Organization of the local repair shop and selection of equipment and tools for it
- Development and implementation of operator training program incuding development of necessary teaching documents, as well as organizing and conducting training on the equipment in Germany.
- Work on the selection and contracting of suppliers of raw materials, additional services, as well as consumables and spare parts for main and auxiliary production equipment.
- Translation and creation from scratch technological documentation (including the Standard organizational procedures), manufacturing instructions and the instructions for the equipment.
- Participation in the design process of the building, plans to deploy and alignment equipment, as well as video surveillance systems, access control, ventilation system of production areas of energy supply systems.
- After successful completion of the project I have functioned as production technology specialist. I have conducted in cooperation with the engineering department of the parent company development of new and modified components on the process lines, as well as provided manufacturing of this units and their installation.

Coordination and management of the start-up project of a plant for production of non-sterile medical devices made of cellulose in the Moscow region.
Development and implementation of training programs for Operators of automatic production lines.
Work on the contracting of suppliers of raw materials, additional services and spare parts.
Translation and creation from scratch of documentation on technology, manufacturing instructions and instructions for equipment.
Participation in the design of buildings and equipment layout.
Partial execution of the functions of technoligist. Development and implementation of new parts for production lines.
Июнь 2011 —
июнь 2012
1 год
ООО «Alabino pilot plant»
Quality manager
-Creation at the factory the new area of production (metal working, customer Metrovagonmash);
- Calculation of the economic feasibility of this project, taking into account the need to take equipment into leasing;
-Select, purchase and installation supervision of equipment for this project;
- Staff selection and training;
-Planning of production with regard to productionin the main production area;
-Providing production with necessary consumables, raw materials, tools and safety equipment;
-Provide company's participation in electronic goverment procurement procedures.
-Creation of a list of measures aimed at establishing a functioning system of quality management in the company in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008.
-Create documentation required for certification in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008.
Август 2009 —
май 2011
1 год 9 месяцев
ООО «Roscoc»
-Independent performance of repair work for the normal functioning of the office building;
-Tender selection of companies for major repairs;
-Conducting negotiations with foreign clients and tenants;
- Maintaining the internal network of the building, telephone equipment in working condition;
- Providing consulting assistance on certification to organizations leasing premises in the building;

Март 2008 —
август 2009
1 год 5 месяцев
ООО Centr-М
Quality Manager
- Analysis of the compliance of the management system at the enterprise with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001.
- Creation of the necessary QMS documents (Quality Manual, policy and quality objectives) in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001.
- Creation of the necessary Standard organizational procedures and their implementation in the management system at the enterprise;
- Preparing for an external audit. providing neccessary changes, based on the results of analysis of QMS documentation by an expert in preparation for QMS certification.

Опыт вождения

Имеется собственный автомобиль
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Обо мне

I have profound expirience in production, production organization (with knowledge of LEAN instruments) and engineering projects organization.
Languages: English (fluent), German (fluent).
Fast learner, sociable, non-conflicting
Confident PC user. Software package knowledge of: Solidworks, AutoCAD, MS Office, MS Visio, 3D Max.
Ready to travel. I have a foreign passport. From 7 years I regularly visit foreign countries.
I have the driving license category "B" and a private car.

Образование высшее

Московский авиационный институт (национальный исследовательский университет), Москва
Quality Management, Quality Management Specialist

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Русский — родной
Иностранные языки
АнглийскийA1 — Начальный

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Гражданство: Россия
Разрешение на работу: Россия
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